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Signs That You Are Ready To Get Engaged

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

You and your partner are very much in love and you’ve been thinking — maybe even dropping hints — about taking the next step!

Proposals of San Diego have been a part of helping many gorgeous couples make sure their marriage proposal is perfect. We think you should only propose when you’re sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’re ready to commit. But how can you feel confident you’re making the right decision? We’ve read up on interviews with psychologists, relationship experts as well as grilled our wonderful proposal clients about how they knew they were ready to pop the question.

Engagement is an important milestone in your relationship that says you are ready to take the big plunge into life as a married couple. With that in mind, what indicators should you look for to ensure you’re really ready? If you identify with the following, you and your partner could be ready to get engaged.

You’ve Already Talked Marriage

Have you already had “the conversation?” If you have and you’re both comfortable about being on the same page, then it’s definitely a sign that you’re both ready to get engaged. When it comes to an engagement, it should be done when both of you are ready.

Just because you might be ready to get proposed to or to pop the question, it’s important to know that your partner is ready too, and that you respect where they are at. It is a big moment and one that can be scary or overwhelming. Don’t risk having your proposal rejected by railroading your partner if they’re not ready!

You Are Prepared To Say Goodbye To Your Single Life…Forever!

Did you feel even the slightest twinge when reading that? Think about whether you’re going to miss cruising the bars, or swiping right. Or, would you rather cash in your chips for a life-long commitment? A great indicator here is whether you can imagine your life without your partner. There’s something about imagining what life could be without your partner that will tell you whether or not they’re the one for you.

If you can’t imagine life without them then that’s a pretty big hint that you’re not going to need to think about it any longer. If you’ve been already considering a proposal, then this should be confirmation that you’re making the right choice.

Does Your Partner Bring Out The Best In You?

You Don’t Feel Pressured

If your significant other is pressuring you to propose but you don’t feel like you’re ready, don’t give in! As we mentioned above, both of you should be comfortable and respect where you are both at in your life. Is there a reason to rush? It can be normal to get cold feet to some degree but if you’re constantly obsessing and worrying about the engagement but not necessarily the relationship then many something’s not quite right.

When it comes to knowing if you’re ready or not, you’ll probably share more responsibilities with your partner than the average dating couple. It might be that you’ve moved in together and now share the bills or perhaps you’ve got a pet together. You may have a child on the way or you could have purchased a property. Whatever it may be, it’s important to remember that sharing responsibilities is a commitment in itself. It’s certainly a thing that’s worth acknowledging as being an important step in the direction of eventually getting engaged.

You Want It For All The Right Reasons

You don’t think that marriage will solve your relationship problems. Ideally, you’ve worked through the majority of your relationship hurdles already. There are plenty of reasons couples get engaged that don’t involve the love you share with your partner. Feeling pressure from friends and family, being together in order to give off a good “image,” seeing those around you frequently getting married, or trying to deal with problems within yourself by tying the knot can all be enticing reasons to consider marriage — but none of them is the right one.

If you’ve been with your partner for quite awhile, know them extremely well and feel confident that your feelings of wanting to “be together forever” are mutual, you’re probably in a good spot to get engaged. Marriage is supposed to be about building a happy life together so make sure you lay a strong foundation before you decide to build the house. Having a genuine admiration and respect for your spouse and wanting to make your relationship more permanent should be the underlying reasons for considering marriage.

They Make You A Better Person

Getting engaged is something that’s going to be a life-changing experience, so make sure that both you and your partner are ready for it. It means you’re pledging to spend forever with your partner; to the exclusion of all others. So one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is “Does my partner bring out the best in me?” Or better yet, “could somebody else love them better?” It’s not even about them - It’s about what kind of person you are, become, and will grow into when you’re in their presence. Love should bring forth confidence and security. If you feel like you can be your true, authentic self around your partner, then it may be time to get engaged.


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